Sunday, November 14, 2010

So done with my 3-day IVT Seminar at Rizal Medical Center

I learned a lot with my IVT therapy. Eventhough I struggle with the Parenteral Nutrition Return Demo, I'm still positive that I will not stop learning nursing. All trials will measure the love I give for my chosen field.Though I'm not good at some skills I'll try harder! I know God will be there for me. 

For now, I'm so excited for the completion of the cases. And I will try my best to find a vein, hit and give it a 'one try'.
<meta name="cpalead-verification" content="Nq_kGV2_3vYcw-SL7Uo9NsJ3CG86TiILJYvRSUpvzOh" />At this point, I'm happy with my friends watching movies like the social network and paranormal 2. Good thing I've seen the part 1. I really like these movies.