Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tired of inquiring at hospitals offering IV training!

At dahil dyan... di muna ako mag.IIVT hmp!
Magpapasa ako resume next month bahala na! hehehe... BE POSITIVE!

Pero I'm still hoping macontact ko na ang Martinez Memorial Hospital! Kung bakit naman nasira ang telepono nila!..

I'll Watch RESIDENT EVIL... at mageexercise!

Upcoming IV Training!

Target hospital: Martinez Memorial Hospital in Caloocan City on October 2010
Scrap the plan which is I will apply for a PNRC Volunteer. I won't be able to render my service to them since I prioritize this IV training because most hospitals consider this as a prerequisite upon hiring you as their nurse.
September 28 - 30 , 2010
October 5 - 7 ,2010
12 - 14 , 2010
19 - 21 , 2010
26 - 28, 2010

These where the dates where I can be able to be trained as an IV therapy nurse.

If I would be assigned in a slot on the 5th of October, well. Chances will be I would start studying now.
Today is 26th of September. Actually, a really good Sunday. Tomorrow will be the anniversary of typhoon Ondoy! So it vividly made me recall what I have gone through, going to night duty in the Mandaluyong Medical Center wherein, when we were dismissed at 6am, I am waiting for a damp truck to pass by Rotonda, Pasig so I would safely arrive at home. Have with me my slippers to prepare for a soaked situation on Greenwoods Avenue. Nagpalit pa ko sa guard house. Nakawhite kasi ako na uniform. Nakastockings kaya un. Ang sagwa kasi maghubad nuon sa daan. Kaya sa guard house na lang.

Why study for IVT? Here's the reason:
Basic IVT Training grading
Each participant will be rated accordingly:
  • Didactic (Pre-test, Post-test) – 50%
  • Practicum (Return Demonstration) – 50%
If a participant fails in both the Didactic and Practicum areas, a removal examination may be required.

Syempre, ayoko magremoval exam! (I don't like to have a removal examination) Shame on me, if I would fail.

Meron pa:

IVT Training lecture days
The following are what you can expect during IVT Training lecture and demonstration days:
  • Concepts in IVT (24 hours didactic lectures)
  • Demonstration of skills (return demonstration) in access-related situations (practicum utilizing Procedures I-IV checklist as the framework for providing safe IVT practice)
  • Pre-test and post-test
  • Course evaluation (the trainers and the IVT Training program as a whole will be evaluated by the trainees)
11. Procedures to perform during practicum
After the didactic phase of the IVT training, each participant is required to show competency in the following procedures:
  • Initiating and maintaining peripheral IV therapy infusions
  • Administering IV drugs
  • Administering and maintaining blood and blood components
  • Preparing and maintaining Total Parenteral Nutrition
  • One-on-One IV insertion under the direct supervision of a trainer/preceptor

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Everyday is a blessing from God!

Today is September 25, 2010. Got up at 10am in the morning. I feel lighter than before. I felt good today. Watched SALT movie and found the film 'bitin'.
About Evelyn Salt played by Angelina Jolie. I really like her character. She don't easily trust people and survived every circumstances. Imagine, jumping from one truck to another, from wall to wall (talking about the elevator). What the?! Is she human?! If its really true. That was really amazing for a female gender. Maybe the lesson I learned from that movie is that, in the end of the day, you must not quit as long as you have the strength and if you really have the heart to save the lives of millions of people do something especially you know others (russian agents) might make a plot to kill them. But the thing is, there are lives that were killed by Salt on her way. Well, she have no choice. Two thumbs up to you Jolie!
~~ This day is Gary's Celebration and I am with Angeline and Arvinnette ~~
~~ I saw their Alma Mater, Fort Bonifacio. And learned a lot today. ~~
~~ I love you, Brother Jesus, Mama Mary, Father Almighty! ~~

Friday, September 24, 2010

"We're here for a REASON. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to LEAD people through the dark."

"When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place''

A New Nurse Plan

Done having a nursing license here in the Philippines. What now?! There is supposed to be a plan made so the path should set straight.
Today is September 25, 2010. It's exactly 12 midnight here in the philippines. Still can't get any sleep. There is so many things running through my mind right now and I am finding a way to keep still and just relax.

(Big sigh) Here I am hoping that I will land a good nursing job in the future. I swear to God I will really change my bad attitude now since I am already his registered nurse that could make a difference to my community, to my family and to my countrymen in the future. Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. Sure I don't forget all this things. This should be imparted to me in my entire lifetime here in the Philippines or in the US.

By September 27, 2010, I will apply to be a PNRC(Philippine National Red Cross) Volunteer.
Whatever the schedule will be for medical mission, I will by heart comply with it. Because I want to serve & take care of others. This, I believe, is what you will see inside the heart of a Filipina nurse -the love of people and the act of altruistic/selfless service and genuine care. From that day forward which I decided to volunteer, I challenge myself to grow.

October month will come, I know. Thats the period-of-waiting-passingresume-relaxing-reading to prepare for IVT&NCLEX-grabaffordableCPEseminars&trainings. But most of all. A special day will come on that month. 19th of October. My birthday! Planning to have a 2 celebration! 1 for my college friends and another for my best HS buddies.

November- IVT Its short but I'll just make the most out of it. Just simply comply with the training. I hope hospitals will call me by this month.

December-January 2011- Merriest moment!!! Out of nursing opportunities I guess. But I think there will be completion on IVT, BT cases by then. PRAY! I love the Lord! Happy Birthday to Him! -hope-hospitals-hire-me!!!!!

February 2011-Start NCLEX review class!!! Process papers!!
Then by May/June/July I might take the NCLEX. Yipee! I can feel it! hehehe.. My Goal: To be a USRN by 2011 I don't mind spending money on this! (Si Dad magbabayad) hehehe but I'll make sure sureball ito at first take with God's grace.

Sana may job ako by this time so that extended pa ang stay dito I don't mind ang low salary dito as long as I have an experience lang naman ok na yun eh........ kung hindi pagkapasa ko ng NCLEX, guam na ko! :)

-PRAY and be CHALLENGED with LIFE offers you- You make out of your LIFE people. Do not depend on DESTINY. It will not get you anywhere.