Saturday, September 25, 2010

Everyday is a blessing from God!

Today is September 25, 2010. Got up at 10am in the morning. I feel lighter than before. I felt good today. Watched SALT movie and found the film 'bitin'.
About Evelyn Salt played by Angelina Jolie. I really like her character. She don't easily trust people and survived every circumstances. Imagine, jumping from one truck to another, from wall to wall (talking about the elevator). What the?! Is she human?! If its really true. That was really amazing for a female gender. Maybe the lesson I learned from that movie is that, in the end of the day, you must not quit as long as you have the strength and if you really have the heart to save the lives of millions of people do something especially you know others (russian agents) might make a plot to kill them. But the thing is, there are lives that were killed by Salt on her way. Well, she have no choice. Two thumbs up to you Jolie!
~~ This day is Gary's Celebration and I am with Angeline and Arvinnette ~~
~~ I saw their Alma Mater, Fort Bonifacio. And learned a lot today. ~~
~~ I love you, Brother Jesus, Mama Mary, Father Almighty! ~~

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